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Stewart Kriegstein is a Specialty Construction Consultant who has experience, expertise, and solutions. Stewart wholeheartedly believes that timely communication by and between all parties is the key for successful projects. Each building site and project are inherently different, where one solution does not work for all conditions. We pride ourselves on identifying the individualization of each project and develop solutions that combine old methods and new techniques, using the latest tested materials and providing recommendations for projects with value engineered best practices.

Consulting Services

Stewart Kriegstein is available to provide the following consulting services:

Site Reconnaissance

Site reconnaissance and assessment of existing conditions for homeowners and new home purchasers, providing ways to remediate improve and extend the service life of foundations and/ or coastal protective systems (bulkheads, seawalls, and rock revetments).

Pre-design Planning

Assist in pre-design planning with Engineers and Architects for project recommendations based upon existing site conditions, alternative construction materials and methodologies, all in concert with practicality and project value engineering

Assist Owner-Chosen Contractors

Assist Owner-chosen contractors who will perform the required work, by potentially providing historical information of below grade conditions, recommendations for working procedures on the specific beach where the site is located and methods to facilitate an effective completion of a project. Stewart has completed projects on virtually every beach in Malibu.

Please note that Engineered plans, (even though approved) only show a finished product and NOT all the necessary ancillary Work and procedures required to perform the main work, such as dealing with obstructions, shoring the existing structural elements and building, contending with tidal and beach conditions, just to name a few.

Coordination of On-Site Explorations & Testing

We can assist in coordinating structural on-site explorations i.e.: wood and concrete pile testing. Investigation techniques using the latest and most accurate equipment for documenting conditions of existing foundations to provide the design engineers with detailed information or documenting present conditions when negotiating purchase or sale of a home.


Please be aware that we offer NO advice regarding City Planning Department issues, which are handled by experienced governmental specialists. We can refer very experienced governmental specialists. Our conclusions and recommendations are professional opinions, which are based on our professional experience and observations, limited to the exposed areas only. These assessments make no other warranty, either expressed or implied, concerning the advice provided.

About Stewart Kriegstein

Stewart Kriegstein has been involved in building design and construction for 46 years and a licensed General Engineering Contractor for over 37 years, as the managing principal of two construction companies: Pacific Shoreline Construction and Epoxy Doctor. Stewart holds and maintains licenses from the State of California as a General Engineering Contractor, General Building Contractor, and a specialty trade Concrete license.

Stewart has recently retired from active construction services and discontinued the Epoxy Doctor Corporation, while maintaining Pacific Shoreline Construction as a consulting business.

Stewart has almost four decades of experience, expertise, and a long established reputation in many areas in connection to building foundations, timber piles, structural concrete repairs, and coastal engineering projects. These specialized construction categories require a highly sophisticated understanding of engineering, materials, and techniques, only obtainable through years of immersive involvement with Professional Engineers, Architects, professional memberships in engineering organizations, long established material manufacturers and relationships with academia.

Stewart has a solid background in construction, physics and ancient building practices, coupled with ingenuity, which has been the cornerstone of his success for almost forty years. Stewart’s very long (45 years) collaborative association with the renowned engineer David Weiss, SE, (unofficial godfather of Malibu coastal engineering) has been the most rewarding part of Stewart’s remarkable journey. Together, they have reshaped the standard and practices of foundation repairs, strengthening, and coastal engineering protections.

Contending with site specific challenges has been the rule and not the exception, motivating Stewart to continually find solutions to these problems. This creativity to find solutions for safety, reducing labor costs and providing project efficiency, has led to the development of new or improved construction products. Some of these ingenious new products have far reaching improvements in civil and structural infrastructure, rehabilitation, and climate change protection. Stewart formed Warstone Innovations, LLC as the global patent rights holding company, that you can explore at

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